The Fine Print

There is a non-refundable retainer/deposit for all sessions and events, the exact fee is determined by the service you are booking. This fee ensures that DLG Photography will secure your date and time as requested.

Below you’ll find more information regarding Portrait Sessions. For events/weddings please refer to your event/wedding contract for exact specifications.

In situations where the portrait session time absolutely cannot be kept by one or both parties (ie- illness, injury, weather, etc), DLG Photography will make every effort to reschedule within a reasonable timeframe. You will be offered a minimum of three alternate session choices, if these are not optimal you will be given three more options to use your retainer/deposit toward. After that point, if you are unable to select one of these options DLG Photography may not offer additional options. In situations where a specific location has been retained for your session and there is a fee involved you may incur the additional cost of rescheduling. In situations of special events where a location has been retained for the day a new location may be selected for your rescheduled date.

In the case of illness, please notify DLG Photography at the first sign that you or someone in your family is ill. Deanna works with a lot of children and babies and has two young children of her own. If you or someone in your family has a contagious illness (ie- HFM, rotavirus, flu, etc) it is very important to notify us. It may be necessary to postpone your session. The health and safety of children is always most important.

Once your sessions has been held there are no refunds. A great deal of time and effort has gone into scheduling, planning, shooting, editing and loading your session. I truly hope you will love and cherish your portraits for many years to come BUT if you are unhappy with your portraits for some reason please contact DLG Photography and we will work together to resolve the issue. Solution options may include a reshoot or additional editing, they will be determined based on the session and your exact issue with the portraits. Keep in mind that communication is key to achieving the session and portraits you are looking for. Be sure to make your wishes known to DLG Photography before your session so we can work together on a portrait plan. Together we can create the portraits you’ve been dreaming of!